capture ability of FS200 ?

H.L.Ngai (
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 02:08:48 -0500

I started up a reflector on my subnet together with two pc installed
with cu-seeme.

Q1: When I tried to send video from one of the PC with Video Blaster FS200
to the reflector, I found out that the max. bps reached was about
120kbps nomatter how high I set the max. rate of sending. Is this
because of the ability of the rate of capturing of the video capture
board ?

Q2: When I connected the two PC directly without passing through
the reflector, I got a even lower rate of sending of about
50kbps. What is the reason for this ?

Q3: I would like to know the max. capturing rate of various capture
board, is there anyone have the data?

Thank you!

Julian Ngai