Re: How will this delta symbol =?iso-8859-1?Q?=90?= transmit across email?

Geoff Rehn (EST)
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 04:15:25 -0500

Gee, Michael, you do jump in feet first!
It was I who mailed the original meaasge from my Mac, Charley Kline who
responded from his Mac, and me who responded from my PC, running with
Eudora 2.0.2 (or was it 2.0.3?) on my PC, which is, I believe, MIME

At 11:08 PM 11/28/94 -0500, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>>>>How will this delta symbol transmit across email?
>>>Just fine here on my Macintosh. :)
>>But not good on my PC here as I read your mail!
>Not that I don't love a really good Mac versus PC row any day of the week
>:-), but I don't believe your not being able to see the delta symbol has
>anything to do with your platform.
>I'm guessing that you're not using a MIME-compliant mail reader, such as
>Qualcomm Eudora (from The mail reader you're using is
>probably limited to ASCII, a sad state to be in during the late 90s.
>Download Eudora and I'll send you all the delta's fit to be read :-)

BTW, again, I can't send a record in my IN box of having received a copy of
my posting... is the CU-SeeMe list one of those that does NOT mail back to
the origianl sender?

Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
Academic Services Unit
Murdoch University    Western Australia