Message Wading: "set cu-seeme-l mail digest"!!!!

John S. Erickson (EST)
Tue, 29 Nov 1994 08:11:12 -0500

--- David H. Brown wrote:
I second the motion. This list generates a lot of mail, and little of it
is time critical (at least for me). I would much prefer checking a
newsgroup once or twice a week, rather than wading through ~30 messages
per day interspersed among my "real work" (which, for better or for worse,
is not cucme).
--- end of quoted material ---

Dave, for you and the others who are concerned about CU-SeeMe-l mail getting
mixed in with your real work, simply send the following to the listserv:

set cu-seeme-l mail digest

Note that this will work for *most* of the other lists which you may
subscribe to. Give it a try...


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