The 2 MAC versions -Reply

Dick Dramstad (
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 09:17:45 -0500

Finally, an easy one:

> <benn@mv.MV.COM> - 11/30/94 8:15 AM >>>
>When I ftp to cornell to get CU-SeeMe for the Mac I see
>two file to choose from: a 68K and A PP file.
>Can anyone tell me how they differ and how to determain
>how to choose?

The 68K version is for "old" Macs using Motorola 680x0
processors (e.g., Mac II's, Performas, Quadras, etc.);
the .PPC versions are for PowerMac systems with
PowerPC processors. If you have a PowerMac, you probably know :-)
If you're in that lucky group, grab the
.PPC version

Dick Dramstad