Re: Another Willoughby Middle School experiment

Geoff Rehn (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 10:08:36 -0500

At 7:49 AM 11/30/94 -0500, Jud Elliott wrote:
>WMS is experimenting again today with QuicCam and CU-seeme.
>We are SLIPped into
>To comment to us, send Email to...
>If connection breaks, we will re-log, but the last 3 IP numbers might
>change. Please be ready to try x.x.x.128 or x.x.x.129

I am coming in (no video send) via 14k4 SLIP from home. on a B&W PowerBook 170.

Can't see a thing!
All white screen - no dat being sent or so slow I can't get any.

Whoops - just checked again. something coming up!!
No - my SLIP and yours: a bit slow; I can't make out anything in the B&W either.

I should flip over to the PC...

It's timed out!!

best wishes
Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
Academic Services Unit
Murdoch University    Western Australia