Re: Well, it had to happen!!!

Dave Wargo (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 11:29:56 -0500

Last night on the local news (San Diego) there is a company that charges $4.00
min. to have "virtual sex" over the net.

It looked to me like some sort of lower frame rate program along with
typing interactivity, showed a strip tease woman strutting about.

I don't know if it they were using CUSM, but would not be surprised as it
looked like a low buck operation and CUSE me is free....


> At 15:00 11/29/94, Dean Hughson of Braymer Mo wrote:
> >Someone sent me a copy of a home page for some prostitutes where they
> >mention that they are going to be using CU-SEEME shortly on their homepage.
> Progress marches on. Soon we'll be able to see the CU-SeeMe development
> team vilified in Time and Newsweek as being the cause of all of society's
> ills. We'll have to wait for Connectix's color camera to see the beautiful
> colors of the VISA and MasterCard symbols over the wire. Anyone see the
> "Spy on Dan" web page?
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