Re: user pays and bans on CUSM in Australia

Sean Foderaro (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 11:34:01 -0500

I think that such a reaction (baning CuSeeme) is inevitable. The
program is just not a good net citizen. It's not too late to fix
that. Right now the user controls kbps and sets it nice and high (but
not so high that they get kicked off the reflector). Instead,
CuSeeme, when it connects, should measure the speed of the net
connection. It should offer the user only a scale, from 1 to 100,
letting the user select the what percentage of the net bandwidth he
wants to use for cuseeme. The default should be, say, 20%. If the
user selects above 70% then a warning is issued.

Sure this will result in lower frame rates for now. But eventually
the hardware will get batter and the frame rates will increase.
I would prefer a CuSeeme that gave me a frame every five to ten
seconds to one that updates rapidly but freezes out the rest of my
network applications.