Thanks 4 info on reflectors

Melanie McLeroy (
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 16:52:05 -0500

Thank you Michel Carleer for the list of reflectors. Thanks also to andre (I
just got your message, will try them soon) I have connected to Cornell and
NASA (thank you Michael Sattler) and I am receiving without trouble besides
updates being slow at times but I guess that is to be expected. (isn't is?)
Thanks also to Todd Berg and previous mentioned for your responses!

FYI: I am running CUSM 68k 0.70b13 on a Quadra w/ a 68040. I will be adding a
AV card and Camera soon and hope to be submitting video soon. I will also be
setting up on a mac PowerPC w/ AV and a Mac II adding the AV card and cameras
to both.

Hardware I am looking to buy is Connectix QuickCam (~$100) and SuperMac Video
Spigot NuBus (~$350). Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

Etiquette Question:
Since I am new to this I hope you don't mind if I ask ..

Is it better to respond to the person responding to your message personnally
or send all messages through CU-SEEME-L since others might benefit as well?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so excited that everyone is so
responsive. I hope I can contribute soon and not just ask lots of questions.
CUSM is so cool.

ALSO ... For those surfing the web ... I am developing WWW pages. To visit
use the URL Let me know what you think.

melanie mcleroy coakley