Version 0.70b14 (16K sound)

Richard Cogger (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 17:35:57 -0500

A new beta version of 0.70 is available atthe usual ftp site:

0.70 b14 changes:

1. There is an additional audio encoding-- Charley Kline's delta-mod
16K bps encoding (thankyou again, Charley). This should work much
better with low bandwidth links, such as 64K ISDN links, and possibly
with 28.8K modem connections. However, compared to the DVI 32K
encoding, assuming no packets lost in either case, the sound quality
is noticibly poorer, although speech is entirely intelligible. You
will not be able to use this encoding to converse with anyone using an
earlier version of CU-SeeMe. You will not be able to interoperate
with VAT. You should be able to use it with recent versions of Maven.

2. A fix to a problem with handling Preferences files.