Re: user pays and bans on CUSM in Australia

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 18:52:50 -0500

At 07:30 11/30/94, Geoff Rehn wrote:
>Over here in Australia, institutions such as universities and some research
>establishments are connected to the Internet via AARNet, the Australian
>Academic Research Network....
>As from January 1995, it will be a case of user pays, at least for overseas
>traffic, based on volume: 55cents Australian per megabyte...
>For a variety of reasons, some institutions over here are proceeding to ban
>ALL use of CUSM...
>Would anyone care to comment?

There are several aspects of this note that beg for comment.

First, CU-SeeMe isn't perhaps best at responsibily using bandwidth. There
have been a variety of proposals floated over the past months, some
automated and some manually driven. I'm sure that in the future CU-SeeMe
will get better.

Second, the Australian infrastructure is thin enough that this sort of
thing seems reasonable. In the USA we have enough bandwidth that Internet
providers are happy with a flat-fee pay structure. Of course, if all
clients start using eight CU-SeeMe windows that may change darn quickly.
As Australians start using the bandwidth the number of T1 (or better) lines
will start to grow, until you have a bunch of providers charging you
US$12/month for unlimited SLIP access, more for ISDN, leased lines, etc.

In fact, if there isn't such a business in Oz yet, ...

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