Re: Thanks 4 info on reflectors

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 18:53:46 -0500

At 13:52 11/30/94, Melanie McLeroy
< wrote:
>FYI: I am running CUSM 68k 0.70b13 on a Quadra w/ a 68040. I will be adding a
>AV card and Camera soon and hope to be submitting video soon. I will also be
>setting up on a mac PowerPC w/ AV and a Mac II adding the AV card and cameras
>to both.
>Hardware I am looking to buy is Connectix QuickCam (~$100) and SuperMac Video
>Spigot NuBus (~$350). Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

If you're getting the QuickCam don't get an AV card.

>Is it better to respond to the person responding to your message personnally
>or send all messages through CU-SEEME-L since others might benefit as well?

Up to you. For example, I replied-to-all in case others are getting an AV
card to run a QuickCam. Many times I respond-to-sender because it's a
known fix or the like.

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