Oh Andre, your providers sendmail is having problems

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 19:14:01 -0500

Apologies for sending this to the list at large, but as you can see I can't
tell the user directly.

andre <cuaxa@ecom.ecn.bgu.edu, you'll need to tell your network admin that
when I try and send mail to you I find that your system tells me:

----- Transcript of session follows -----
While talking to ecom.ecn.bgu.edu:
>>> HELO ecom2.ecn.bgu.edu
<<< 553 ecom2.ecn.bgu.edu config error: mail loops back to myself
554 <cuaxa@ecom.ecn.bgu.edu>... Service unavailable

----- Recipients of this delivery -----
Bounced, cannot deliver:

Michael Sattler <msattler@jungle.com> San Francisco, California
(2179 K) ftp.netcom.com:pub/ms/msattler/Marathon_Demo.sit
LOOKING FOR WORK: technical manager, software engineer, trouble-shooter
of systems and networks everywhere, documentation writer and trainer; on
the streets after the untimely death of an entire west coast development
office. Extra points given for advanced technology and network access.