Mac to PC

Patrick Hargitt (EST)
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 22:45:38 -0500

I was reading through CU-SeeMe's ReadMe and came across something that
said that a one to one connection with a Mac can only be made if there is a
Mac at the other end. I do not have a PC to check this with, but does this mean
that a Mac to PC connection is not possible ?

I am writing a CU-SeeMe reference manual for this public policy electronic
information center and I would need to include this sort of information.
We are opening the centers doors in January and we hope to have a crowd
rush in and take use of our pentiums(yes PC but no video installed hence
no CU-SeeMe) and PPCs.

I would like to thank the CU-SeeMe team for the wonderful product that
they have released.

Patrick Hargitt