Re: user pays and bans on CUSM in Australia

David Winet (
Wed, 30 Nov 1994 23:41:05 -0500

Looks like the party's gonna be over be over before it even begins...

On Wed, 30 Nov 1994, Geoff Rehn wrote:

> Hi.
> Over here in Australia, institutions such as universities and some research
> establishments are connected to the Internet via AARNet, the Australian
> Academic Research Network. Each university has contributed to the cost of
> maintaining AARNet essentially on the basis of student population - not
> that students as a rule have ready access to all or even any network
> services!
> As from January 1995, it will be a case of user pays, at least for overseas
> traffic, based on volume: 55cents Australian per megabyte. Now running CUSM
> at say at a CAP of say just 50kbps, this runs into roughly $100 per hour
> (and that's video only).
> For a variety of reasons, some institutions over here are proceeding to ban
> ALL use of CUSM, even intra-campus. Now, many of us have thin pipes
> connecting us to the Net: for example, my institution has currently only a
> 128kbps connection which will be upgraded shortly. Thus, concern on
> excessive (and possibly irresponsible) usage is justified.
> I would hazard though that such outright bans might be over-reacting a little.
> However, what concerns me is that there is some talk that such pressure is
> coming from beyond the institutions themselves and might be being brought
> to bear by providers of established proprietary videoconferencing systems
> or infrastructures, to whom CUSM is posing somewhat of a threat.
> Would anyone care to comment?
> Geoff R.
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> Geoff Rehn
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