Re: Unable to Connect to any Reflector - a new twist

Rob Cambra Jr. (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 00:21:54 -0500 (EST)

Well, I can verify that CU does not like machines with two IP addresses,
I'm running NT workstation and could not get CU to work at all for
several weeks over remote access, I then disable my internal LAN card
and, works fine over remote acess as long as that is disabled.


On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, Julian Bishop wrote:

> It seems from letters I recieved and other things I've read, Nat's
> explanation being perhaps the best, that CU doesn't like the two IP
> addresses my machine has when connected to my own LAN (no firewall)
> and to the internet via PPP. Thanks for the help I recieved
> though.
> >When you installed the Lan card did you put TCP/IP on the lan card as well? If
> >so perhaps CUSEEME doesn't like to have two paths to go out on, and chooses the
> >LAN based one. If you don't need TCP/IP on your lan based card try turning it
> >off.
> >
> >>Subject: Unable to Connect to any Reflector - a new twist
> >>Author: at ww-internet
> >>Date: 10/28/95 11:38 AM
> Julian Bishop