Re: Create a CuSeeMe newgroup...

David (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 00:37:10 -0800

I have Mac powerbook 520c with 12mg ram (24 with ram doubler).It has a
built in 14.4 modem. I have a Quickcam

I downloaded Cu-SeeMe version .83b. what else do I need ? I am already
connected to an internet provider. If I need other software, how and where
do I get it ?
What do I use the reflector sights for? I am a elementary school teacher
in California and my goal is to communicate thru CU-SeeMe with other
schools and with a friend in Spain. He has a Mac and QuickCam also.

Is there any chance any of this will work with a 14.4 just for testing
purposes, especially the video aspect?

Thank you for your help.