[*] CU-SeeMe channel on IRC undernet

Luc Volders (luc@box.nl)
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 13:37:36 +0100

To all,

You know me, I am the guy who is compiling the reflector list.

Now I am not an operator on the CU-SeeMe IRC channel. I am also not trying
to defend Bill or Jim.
I am just a user of this channel and the first times I got there I was
helped with CU in many ways by the operators. One of the operators stopped
the conversation he was having with the others and started a private
conversation with me for more than 45 minutes, just trying to solve some of
my problems.
At an other time I got public domain files send to me by DCC to solve a
different problem. Also they directed me to FTP sites to obtain certain
versions of new software.

Now, a few months later, I have a lot more experience and if I am there and
somebody is having trouble with CU I try to help him or her.
But I had some nasty experiences.

This monday somebody joined the channel and the first thing he did was:

> Give me some reflector IP's !!!!

That's the only text we got from him.
So what I did is I copied the message from the BOT giving him directions
how to get the reflector list, and paged it to him privately.
He could have missed the message couldn't he.

I heard a while nothing, no private messages to me, and no public messages.
Then he paged me with:


Again nothing else.

So I told this person that he could adress me with my name, Luc, or
otherwise he could call me Sir.

This is like walking into a bar. In this bar is a group of regular
customers who are talking about lets say an upcoming football game. Then
you walk in and the first thing you say is: 'hey morons, where can I get
free tickets.'

Now I am not an operator in this channel, and I am not defending them.
Of course the people who know eachother there also want to have a 'good
time' just for fun. They have been on this channel for more than god knows
how long. And they know eachother well. So sometimes they have 5th grade
conversations, who cares.

Ok, then there are times that I was on the channell and there were only 3
operators there. But about 25 others were on the channel. A majority of
them at the time had some problems with CU. Now how on earth can you expect
that 3 people with expertise can help about 10 others all at the same time.
Most of those with problems got impatient and 'pissed' that they were not
helped directly.

Please understand that the guy's and girls in the channel are doing this
for fun. They are not related to Cornell or White Pine. They are just
hobbyists trying to help others and trying to have some fun.

But if you join the channell and you have problems the least you can do is
being polite. And if you behave like you would normally do (let's say in a
bar or other public environment) the people on the channell will be most
glad to help you. At least that's my experience.

Luc is Luc on IRC #CU-Seeme. As I am in Europe you can find me there mostly
in the evenings from about 11 o'clock GMT.


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