RE: PCs with 2 IP addresses

MHLester (
Wed, 01 Nov 1995 08:17:25 -0800

At 12:20 PM 10/31/95 PST, Ledwith, Steven x1424 wrote:
>I have the same setup as you and have no problem connecting to servers and
>lurking. Remember that if your internet connection has a dynamic IP address,
>you have to edit your host file in the \windows\system32\drivers\etc
>directory before you start cu-seeme. If you want to know more about my
>configuration send me email.
>Steven Ledwith

Steven, thank you for your assistance.

I am not on a network like Nat is <his post deleted from this reply>, and I
don't believe I have system32\drivers directory. I modified the hosts file
in winsock directory.

I omitted some information from my initial post that I am attaching here.


>I guess I did not provide all the necessary information, as hard as I tried.

I have an ATI Mach 32 video card.
A sound blaster 16 sound card (that may not have full duplex, I can't tell
for sure, but I guess if the book doesn't say it does, then it doesn't). (I
believe I read in the windows configuration FAQ list that this sound card
works with CUSeeMe.)
I have Speakers (turned on), and a microphone.
I tested the microphone, speakers, and sound card on windows accessories,
and it works OK.
I have a 28,800 ImagiNation modem that connects at 28,800.
I have a video camera, but I don't know what cables/cords get put into what
ports/sockets in the computer (somewhere in the video card, I guess?), or
the camera.

>Must I connect a video camera to send and receive audio?


Thank you very much for you help,


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