Re: host name... HOMEY MAN READ THIS

John R. Haggis (
Wed, 01 Nov 1995 09:18:46 -0800

Email me directly and I'll help you with this. I need some more info like,
what kind of computer, OS, windowing system, what kind of winsock(TCP/IP),
and service provider.

ALSO: HomeyMan, you gave an email address ending in "" and that
cannot be. I own the domain (Yup, just check InterNIC/Whois),
and there is no "" subdomain. Please include your correct Email
address in the body of your letter and tell your sysadmin to modify your
"from" field (or else do it yourself in your mailer... sometimes this
doesn't work...)


John Haggis

At 12:18 PM 10/30/95 -0800, you wrote:
>I am having mega problems with my host name....can you help...I have
>inputed my ip address and host name but still get the error message get
>host name failed (110044). I have located the host file in my winsock
>directory and in my dos path....any suggetions? Thanks

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