Re: your experience in the channel

sssnake (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 11:28:43 -0600

These are my personal observations and not to be construed as the official
word from the undernet #cu-seeme channel or it's ops or managers.

>>> Indicates that wrote.
>>>> or > indicates (Bill Woodland) wrote
>>>>Try the Undernet Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel #CU-SeeMe. That's one of
>>>>the reasons we created the channel. You can also get interactive technical
>>>>help from others that way have had similar experiences. Interactive help is
>>>I've visited this chat channel twice and most people there seemed to be just
>>>general chatters, most of whom had never heard of cu-seeme...(?)

Strange situation, because as an op in #cu-seeme I know for a fact that ALL
regulars and most visitors know about the software. If they don't, they ask
and are usually prompted for where to find the information. At least when I
am present and paying attention. I have a real job as well and irc and cu-
are a diversion only (a very enjoyable one, but a diversion)
>>>Funny, when I went there (yes it was undernet, #CU-seeme, middle of the
>>>day) it
>>>was nothing but a bunch of morons playing irc "grab-ass". Kind of
>>>to see supposed adults talking to each other like 5th graders." x *kisses*
>>>sits on x's lap and says mmmmmmm". I asked a simple question about
>>>and was basically told to shut up while they *kiss*ed and *hugg*ed.
>>>If you're an @perator there you're doing a bang-up job...
>>>And if this is the caliber of discussion one can take part in on
>>>CU-seeme...thanks but no thanks.

Hmmm.. Perhaps being a moron is defined as being able to fool around with
your friends without having to worry about self-important, self-serving
others making moral/intellectual judgements about your choice of discussions
and friends. Or, perhaps a moron is someone who cannot tolerate frivolity
where it exists and enjoyed. If my peers and I want to act like fifth
graders, you are invited to join in anytime. But take any primadonna
attitudes to another channel. irc is supposed to be fun.

If I am asked for newbie help, I will give it. I do give it in private
messages because otherwise the channel would be overwhelmed with the same
thing over and over and over and over and over. Just because you didn't see
this happening, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. If your request was lost in
the "chatter" I am sorry. I've been private messaged for help and will
always give it. If I am unable to help then (I do have a life too), I will
tell you so and refer you to the channel page or another op who might be
better able to help.

>>Thanks very much for this info. First I must say that I am not there 24
>>hours a day and cannot keep this kind of thing from happening. The people
>>in the channel do tend to act somewhat like it's #netsex sometimes, and it
>>is embarrassing to me, but I don't want to discourage them from having a
>>good time there. I *DO* expect the operators there to try to help people
>>that have problems.
>>There is usually a "BOT" in the channel with the nickname of SQ_X. When you
>>join the channel it should send you a notice saying to type /msg sq_x -info
>>for more information about the channel. If you didn't get that notice, try
>>again. The -info will send you a little basic information and offer some
>>other 'dash' commands that you can do, like -cuseeme for some info on
>>cu-seeme, -cuzip to have the latest PC version sent to you via DCC, -cumac
>>for the MAC version, -mirc for mIRC (the best IRC client for the PC that I
>>know of), -homer for the MAC IRC client, and -reflist for a list of public
>>If you got the notice and ignored it, then I'm not surprised if the people
>>in the channel were somewhat rude to you. We get new people joining the
>>channel all the time, and they all ask the same questions, particularly for
>>a reflector list, and especially for "hot reflectors". It gets pretty
>>annoying when SQ_X is there to offer it but people ignore the things that it
>>offers. We do expect people to be able to read the notice and follow its
>>directions. If you don't have an IRC client that is capable of doing DCC
>>file transfers then visit the web page (URL is in my email signature at the
>>end of this message) that I setup and get a copy of MIRC or Homer and go
>>back to the channel for the /msg sq_x -reflist.

I think it is admirable and noble that squeek set this up for assistance. It
helps the ops and newbies out as well. Instead of criticizing him for an
imperfect world, we should be praising his VOLUNTARY efforts. Perhaps Tim
would like to fund a staff and salary.. or if whitepine would like to fund a
permanant channel with their profits from the software. Until then, come
by.. get technical information from us, stay if you want to play or leave if
you don't. But DON'T patronize me because, while I am willing to help
someone who wants it. as an irc user I also have the /ignore command at my

>>Bang up job, huh? Thanks, Tim, but at least I am trying. Besides, once you
>>get CU-SeeMe working just how much more discussion do YOU need? Maybe these
>>so called "morons" already know more than you do.