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Wed, 01 Nov 1995 12:47:28 -0800

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Our political Statement:

We at Voyeur believe in freedom of speech and wish to address Ms. Bergweiler's
statement and all other anti-pornography statements:

"Cristian G. Bergweiler" <cgb@embratel.net.br>
To: CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu
Subject: Re: Dial-A-Porn using CU-SeeMe ???

> Has anyone noticed the dial-a-porn service at...

Voyeur's comment: first of all...lets get one thing straight. Too many people
look at the word "pornography" as bad or evil. Lets look at The American
Heritage dicionary's definition of "pornography"

** Pictures, writing, or other material that is sexually explicit and intended
to arouse sexual passion.**

Now what is wrong with arousing sexual passion? It feels good doesn't it? 99%
of humans engage is some form of sexual activity or at least the majority of us

Here are a few excerpts from Nadine Strossen's book Defending Pornography (BTW,
she is a women) :

People have very different definitions of the term "pornography," but it has
become a convenient weapon, just as "communism" was during the McCarthy era, to
brand any person or work with whose ideas the censor disagrees.

Marjorie Heins, Director
American Civil Liberties Union

This culture always treats sex with suspicion...Sex is presumed guilty until
proven innocent.

Gayle Rubin, anthropoligist

> http://www. (I cut out the URL - can't help my competition!) is explicitly
> offering the current freely distributed version of CU-SeeMe to attempt to
> enhance their ability to take profits from economic and sexual exploitation
> of women?

Voyeur's comment: Oh, you say females are exploited. Not true. Our models
have well-paying day jobs and choose to make extra money on the side.

We could go on and on, but we will leave this to our rebuttals that will
inevitably result in response to the pro-censorship advocates...

We do agree that our competition should not have re-packaged CU-SeeMe under
their own name - credit should be given where credit is due - it's not fair to
the people at Cornell. However, CU-SeeMe started out as an experiment on how
people would use this technology - that's why it's freeware. To limit the
software's use is wrong - people should have a right to choose how to use this
amazing piece of software. Entrepreneurial companies that find new uses for
technology are good for all of us. If you do not agree with the company - don't
buy - it's simple...

We are planning a Pro Pornography (which is not a bad word!) Association. Watch
our web site over the next month for updates. Well...why not...one more plug -
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