Re: Create a CuSeeMe newgroup...

Alan Larson (
Wed, 1 Nov 95 13:53:48 PST

> Isn't it about time that this list became a newsgroup?

No, it isn't. The list has enough 'unsubscribe' and other unrelated
messages. We do not need a long list of "MAKE MONEY FAST", "FREE
PHONECALLS WORLDWIDE", "What is the best group", commercial advertising
and other unrelated postings.

The signal/noise ratio of newsgroups is distinctly lower than mailing
lists not connected to usenet.

More on the subject of the list, are there others who would like to see
the format of the packets sent by CU-SeeMe and the reflectors be documented?
This would bring it closer into an open system, capable of interoperating with
others, and new developments could proceed independently to work on problems
of bandwidth utilization, and help with the problem of CU-SeeMe becoming
unpopular with some providers.