New Mac0.83b3 Available

Richard Cogger (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 15:56:06 -0500

A new beta version of the Mac CU-SeeMe, 0.83b3 is now available at:

Changes and caveats are:

1) New version number handling has been implemented, that separates
protocol version from application version, and allows more flexibility
in the application version display. On the info panel under a remote
window, you will see information on the source and date as well as
version number.

2) A bug was fixed with outgoing audio bandwidth not being counted
against the rate cap, which meant that video and other outgoing data
would not slow down to make room for audio. It should now be
automatic for senders to reduce video (if needed to stay under the
cap) whenever sound starts being sent.

3) A bug was fixed with audio slider controls getting stuck whenever
moved outside the valid range.

4) A bug causing crashes on abnormal exits was fixed.

5) Audio being sent with 7500/8500 models should now be handled


*** Remember, with the 7500/8500,the video digitizer doesn't work (to
capture to an offscreen buffer as CU-SeeMe needs) if virtual memory is
on. We havn't figured out what we're going to be able to do about it,
beyond buying more memory. If you turn VM off, 83b3 (and 83b2) works.
RamDoubler also prevents digitizing.

*** Also, with the 7500/8500 CU-SeeMe and OpenTransport aren't
compatible with each other. We are working on making CU-SeeMe
compatible with Open Transport (and hope that Apple is also working on
make Open Transport compatible with existing MacTCP-based
applications). Meanwhile, do the following: (1) Install OpenTransport
COMPLETELY, (2) Remove from the Extensions folder the libraries named
"Open Tpt Internet Library" and "OpenTptInternetLib" and remove the
TCP/IP control panel, (3) Make sure that you have MacTCP 2.0.6 or
later (and for dialup, MacPPP 2.1.1SD or later).

*** There is a bug that can cause a crash if you attempt to set a
nickname to a domain-name rather than a dot-notation IP address.
(Domain-names are OK to type in to the Connect dialog.)

Cheers, -Dick