router woes, (will this work?)

Bob Maccione (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 17:35:29 -0600 (CST)

Hi all, I'm patiently waiting for white pine to put the patched 'CuSeeMe up
and then will be able to dazzle the work folks at to the greatness of this
product (and attempt to get them to buy into it).

However I have the following problem:

>From my PC I can't get to the net. However I do have an account on a
machine that can and I can get to that machine. I can also ping the
reflectors out there so I know I can see stuff. What I would like to
do is write a small app that I will attach to from CUSEEME and the app
will attach to a reflector out there somewhere. So I wrote the following:

create socket on port 7648 on my local unix box.
wait for a connect from CU on my pc.
connect to some internet site.
wait for data (select)
if data from internet send to CU
if data from CU send to internet
end loop:

The app runs and connects are working (ie: i drop into the loop) but there
isn't any data and I get a timeout from CuSeeMe.

Any ideas?

bob maccione