"No response"s from various popular reflectors -- 11/2 am

Patton Adams (tpa1@cornell.edu)
Thu, 02 Nov 1995 02:40:06 -0500

I usually check in on nysernet.org and pro60-test2.cit.cornell.edu, as well
as a couple of other reflectors (Shouting Ground, Streak, and U.Hawaii).
Nysernet and Shouting Ground are usually busy and they will tell me to try

Tonight, I frequently got "no response from xxxxx" messages when I tried to
connect to all of the above reflectors. I don't know what it means. Are
the reflectors full? Shouldn't they tell me that instead of "no respose"?

Is someone able to explain to me what is happening when I see that message?
Many thanks.


Patton Adams
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