Tom Creedon (creedont@ohsu.edu)
Wed, 01 Nov 1995 23:38:51 -0800

I don't think this mail list is appropriate for the Voyeur# Company's
"Press Release". I believe that this mail list is for discussion of
most aspects of the CU-SeeMe software. More of a technical, features
and how to type of list. I don't think commercial advertising was one
of the intended subjects. I would prefer not to see commercial
oriented messages here.

Speaking of giving credit where credit is due. The image that is
currently on your web site looks an awful lot like one I saw in one
of the big adult magazines some years ago. Did you get permission
from the publisher to use the image? Perhaps it was available on an
Adult Clip Art CD-ROM. Maybe the model did a photo shoot with

All the beta tests I've been involved with didn't charge me any money
to use their product or service. It was enough that I was willing to
spend my time to use the product or service and report back to them
about bugs in the system. I even got a free copy of the final
product when it shipped! Interested in a real beta test? :-)


>>> Laura Sands <details@sexlive.com> - 11/1/95 12:47 PM >>>
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However, we think a press release is perfectly appropriate**

[stuff deleted]

We do agree that our competition should not have re-packaged CU-SeeMe
under their own name - credit should be given where credit is due -
it's not fair to the people at Cornell. However, CU-SeeMe started
out as an experiment on how people would use this technology -
that's why it's freeware. To limit the software's use is wrong -
people should have a right to choose how to use this amazing piece
of software. Entrepreneurial companies that find new uses for
technology are good for all of us. If you do not agree with the
company - don't buy - it's simple...

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