Re: Where am I?

Chuck Elliot (
Thu, 02 Nov 1995 15:55:08 -0500

>From: (Chuck Elliot)
>Subject: Re: Where am I?
>My guess is as follows:
>cuseeme and the like only send those parts of the picture which have
changed since the last refresh. These settings allow you (sic) to set the
amount of change
>that triggers a resend for a block and how often the picture is resent.
>>> sound is problematic on the PC version but much better on a Mac
>>> apparently. I too sometimes get excellent sound and sometimes none.
>>> Sometimes it takes a few minutes to start coming through. I think it is
>>> and also needs much more development for PC. However, it is a first release
>>> of free s/w so I try to be patient ;o) I expect Cornell & WP are
>>> about 32bits. BTW, I received the 'cheers', when can I expect the beers?
>>Thanks for the info. Have a beer on me next time you are in Filey.
>>Call at the surgery there and ask for David Valentine!
>>Can you tell me what Compression does in the video window?
>>The help and manuals do not seem to cover this.
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