Re: CU-SEEME Newsgroups

Alan Treitman (
Thu, 02 Nov 1995 11:29:57 -0400 (EDT)

There was a lot of talk yesterday about moving to a newsgroup.
There's already substantial "talk" on comp.dcom.videoconf about
CU-SEEME. I suggest the following:

This will probably meet everyone's need to sort out messages to various

(It seems to me that most messages that truly belong in "unmoderated"
will not end up in the SIG newsgroups. But, hey, Newsgroup Netiquette
seems to be hitting a new low, so one never knows. Logically, though,
if one group is "unmoderated," that implies that the other are moderated.)

Newsgroups can be gatewayed to gopherservers or listservs so that those
who must get posts automatically via e-mail, chronologically, can
continue to do so, and those with Level 1 (mail-only) access can
continue to post.

FWIW -- I prefer to have my messages sorted BY THREAD and found our
current list to be a regal pain -- until I set my subscription to
DIGEST and now look up messages, once a day, according to a table of
contents (see the administrative note that came with your subscription
on how to set to digest).

Anyone interested in creating these groups? I can't -- I don't have
the hardware, software, or access. But perhaps someone more
"infrastructurally gifted" can.

-- Alan Treitman
Treitman Telemedia, New York