Re: Windows Quick Cam/ Talk Window
Thu, 02 Nov 95 09:53:21 PST

Try PC Connection 1-800-800-1111

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Subject: Windows Quick Cam/ Talk Window
Author: at ww-internet
Date: 11/2/95 2:11 AM


Lucky me - my academic supervisor agreed to buy me a 33,600 baud US
Robotics sportster modem for my home PC. It works great, and I can even
hear/send 16kb delta mod audio on many private reflectors (Cornell is so
overburdened I rarely can receive audio clearly from there).

He also agreed to buy me a windows quick cam, but I can't seem to find any
here in Canada (talk about torture - the bill is paid and I still can't get
one -arghhh)! Anybody know of any good mail order places in Canada or the
good old U.S.A. that probably ship to Canada and have Windows quick cams in

Also, anyone know when/if a talk window will be coming out for the PC
version? The mac version has had this for some time, and it is ESSENTIAL
for communicating with others. It's very frustrating to call in from home
on my (I have PowerMac at my school office that I use for CUSM there) and
not be able to communicate in the talk window with the whole group. I know
there are other applications for sending text, but they don't help when
everyone else in using the CUSM talk window.

Thanks! :-)

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