Friendly advice on Windows version

Robert Carnevali (
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 16:01:53 -0500

I've been using the windows version of Cu-SeeMe for a couple of months now.
Why is it so far behind the Mac version?! Video Conferencing (VC) promises
to be a hot new technology for business. Many companies have gotten a lot of
publicity for their own VC solutions. The majority of computers in business
are PC's. Yet the feature set of the windows version of the software falls
far behind the Mac. Connectix which makes QuickCam has developed their own
VC software and have also limited the Windows version to 1-on-1 conferencing
while Mac software allows 1-on-many. I think the Mac is a wonderful machine,
but take a look at where the potential is for mass use. PC's far outnumber
Macs. Many PC's are networked, use TCP/IP and are part of the net. They are
in a perfect position to utilize an inexpensive VC software package with an
inexpensive vid capture device (quickcam). Yet focus is on the Macintosh
with PC's following almost as an afterthought.

Video Conferencing has a huge untapped market in PC's. If another company
develops their own VC package, price it right and market it right, they will
stand to reap the benefits and CU-SeeMe will lose out to the numbers.
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