Re: Create a CuSeeMe newgroup...

Bill Neisius (
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 19:38:39 -0800 (PST)

Well, first of all, there's no reason for the List to go away just
because a newsgroup starts... personally though, I'd change my
subscription to CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L if there were a newsgroup available
for discussions...

Yes, a group in the comp.* hierarchy would be the best...
unfortunately, creating a comp.* group is more difficult than an alt.*
group. The entire process would take at least 3 months: formal
proposal, request for discussion, call for votes. And if the vote
fails, there's a 6-month wait before you can try again. If someone
wants to get that started, great. Meanwhile, I think we can get an
alt.* group in a week or so...

If alt.* groups aren't carried at your site, you might try asking the
news administrator to make an exception and carry a specific group...

These are the suggestions so far:


(I don't see comp.dcom.videoconf at Netcom. Is it carried on other

>From the list above, I like 'alt.internet.cuseeme'. I think it sort
of fits into the existing alt.internet.* groups:, And it could be
expanded to include ',,
alt.internet.multimedia' if the need arose.

What about the scope of the group. "unrestricted discussion of the
CU-SeeMe packet video software" sounds like a good beginning...

Bill Neisius