CU-SeeMe for QuickCam PC now available

David O. Bundy (
Thu, 02 Nov 1995 20:01:07 +0800

White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe Alpha 1.0a1.1 is now available for Demo
purposes. ENJOY! Remember this is an Alpha and not bug free. We will be
updating this next week with more bug fixes.

This special White Pine alpha release of CU-SeeMe is being made public to
fix a compatibility problem with Connectix QuickCam for Windows. This alpha
will expire after 30 days. White Pine is not offering phone support on this
alpha release but welcomes your comments via email:

Another release will follow soon addressing bugs reported through White
Pine's official alpha testing program.

NOTE: For best results, open the Video Format dialog under the File menu
and set the resolution to 160 x 120 and the format to 16 grays.

You can find this on White Pine Software's home page:

follow the links to the Windows CU-SeeMe download area. There you will find
links to download the new Alpha and to a web page you must fill out to get
a Demo Key sent to you automatically via email. You must fill out the form
to enable the software.

Please note the information on the Web page about configuring
the install for the Alpha.

Dave B.
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