local video problem

Donald J Menges (dmenges@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 02 Nov 95 23:56:16 -0500


I am using CUSeeme with a Pentium 90, sound board, 16 meg RAM,
the whole 9 yards! I have successfully connected with some
reflectors and have watched the little movies. Now I want to
show my face at the other end. I purchased a ComputerEyes /RT
(which is suppossed to work) and a little Chinon camera that
sits atop my monitor. The Chinon works fine with the
ComputerEyes software and I can see my image and it's moving
around - cool! Here's the problem with CUSeeme...

When I launch the program I get a message that says "Capture
device was not detected." Of course it was! If it worked in the
Computer Eyes program, what gives with CUSeeme????

I hope someone has an answer so we can start putting this very
useful tool to work in the classroom.