[*] Making an FAQ

Fri, 03 Nov 1995 08:45:43 -0600

>Oh, and I'm sure this is worse than -
>"Please help me, I'm a newbie and ....", or
>"I'm new and can't get my sound ....", or
>"I just downloaded cuseeme and can't get ...", or
>"Why does the image come out all blocky, and ....", or
>"Why doesn't the captivator ...", or
>"Why can't Open Transport ...", or
>"I'm new. Can anyone send me a reflector list ?", or
>"I'm on AOL. Can cuseeme work with AOL?".
>On and on and on and on and on and on...
>Maybe if someone would post an FAQ to this list every once in a while???????
>Naw, people hate to read those thing's, easier just to ask. ;-\
>Yes. I certainly wish this list was more technical.
>Rodney M. Dyer
>PC Network Administrator
>College of Engineering
>University of North Carolina at Charlotte
>Email: rmdyer@uncc.edu
>Phone: (704)547-3154

I am working up my own FAQ for CU-SeeMe which will be on my web page. If
you have posted a question and received a helpful answer, forward it on to
me and I will add it to my FAQ. Please put [FAQ] in for the subject to help
identify them.
Bill Woodland
Squeek on Undernet IRC channel #CU-SeeMe