RE: Negative output w/TV500 card

Alfred Coward (alfredc@Onramp.NET)
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 13:49:13 -0600

The Reveal TV500 works (low res) with the new alpha version from White Pine.
You need to select reverse video when it asks, or you can edit the ini file
like it sayes in the help file (I did it this way).

From: Alan T. Shot[]
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 1995 10:54 PM
Subject: Negative output w/TV500 card

Here is an interesting one...

I am currently attempting to run CU-SeeMe with a Reveal TV500 tuner
card with a camcorder attatched to the video in port. when I go into the
video format option to choose size, depth, etc, the video is perfect. However
the local video window, AND what is transmitted are both displayed in a B/W
negative image.
Any ideas as to what causes this? is it correctable?

system info:
Generic AMD DX4/100(frankenstein unit)
2MB PCI Number Nine Technology Motion 531 video
Reveal TV500 TV tuner card
CU-SeeMe v70b1
Trumpet Winsock v2.0b



Alfred H. Coward