Re: router woes, (will this work?)
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 14:44:16 -0500

At 5:35 PM 11/1/95 -0600, Bob Maccione wrote:
>Hi all, I'm patiently waiting for white pine to put the patched 'CuSeeMe up
>and then will be able to dazzle the work folks at to the greatness of this
>product (and attempt to get them to buy into it).
>However I have the following problem:
>>From my PC I can't get to the net. However I do have an account on a
>machine that can and I can get to that machine. I can also ping the
>reflectors out there so I know I can see stuff. What I would like to
>do is write a small app that I will attach to from CUSEEME and the app
>will attach to a reflector out there somewhere. So I wrote the following:
> create socket on port 7648 on my local unix box.
> wait for a connect from CU on my pc.
> connect to some internet site.
> loop:
> wait for data (select)
> if data from internet send to CU
> if data from CU send to internet
> end loop:
>The app runs and connects are working (ie: i drop into the loop) but there
>isn't any data and I get a timeout from CuSeeMe.
>Any ideas?

The current reflector code expects CU-SeeMe packets to arrive from the same
IP address as the machine where they originated. Hence, what you are
trying to do will not work if the "internet site" is a reflector. If the
"internet site" is another CU-SeeMe application, however, it should work
okay. The reflector code will eventually be fixed to eliminate this

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