Problems with v0.7 and Connectix/PC...

Mark Warren (
Fri, 03 Nov 1995 15:57:21 -0800

I've posted this to comp.dcom.videoconf in response to a question,
however, I thought this list would be interested as well:

> Have you got it [Connectix/PC] working with CU-SeeMe ?

Yes, I have it working with v0.7 of CuSeeMe. It works, but there are several
kinks that need to be worked out. Does anyone know if the source code
is available?

The problems I've seen:

- Only the 160x120 video format works. The rest give weird horizontal sync
problems or display nothing at all.

- The 160x120, 64-grays video format fills the video frame nicely, however,
the palette seems really messed up.

- At 160x120, 16-grays, the palette is much better, however, the image is only
1/4 the size of the frame and renders twice. Since the image is so small, I
would expect the frame rate to increase, but it doesn't.

I suspect that both of these problems relate to mis-interpretation of the data
from the Connectix camera or bad data from the camera.

- The only way I can get a connection going is to start up CuSeeMe on both
PCs and then have only one side connect. Having a telephone conversation
going ahead of time helps coordinate things. If something goes wrong,
the only way to re-establish the connection is to restart CuSeeMe on both

- If the video transmission rate exceeds ~70kbps, CuSeeMe locks up. Buffer

Haven't had a chance to test the audio as only one of my test PCs has a
sound card.



P.S. I'm running over ethernet with two Pentium 90Mhz machines and get
about 5fps. My display driver is using 16K color mode and I can use either
Windows95 or Window 3.1.
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