Re: Captivator Pro

James Neeley (
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 23:36:12 -0900

>I have a Captivator Pro, witch is a 16bit Cap. card, I have tryed to us
>it with the CU-seeme, and can't get it to work???, Will this card work,
>and if so any suggestion you might have, Please, E-mail me back, Please
> Thank you for your time,

Be sure you have it set to 8-bit palletized video format. This is the most
common error. If this does not solve your problem, drop by the IRC Undernet
Channel #CU-SeeMe, and myself or one of the other channel operators will
gladly assist you with it. If I'm there, send me a message. If not, just
ask for help with your Captivator on channel; you will receive whatever
assistance it takes to get the problems resolved.

That way, we can debug it in real-time, rather than thru the delays of e-mail.

If anyone else out there needs assistance, we welcome you to stop by too.