White Pine Windows Alpha 28.8 Audio

James King (james@sma.com)
Sun, 05 Nov 1995 00:38:33 -0500

I have tried the new Alpha release of the White Pine CUSEEME
and am very pleased. It supports my ATI Video-It capture card so I
can now send and receive video. I did have to change the CUSEEME.INI
file to "InvertGreyTable=Yes" under [Capture Settings] to change
the negative video to positive though.
Although White Pine claims that the Alpha release does not
support audio, I find that I have no problem hearing every word
of the NASA channel audio. I have also gotten several reports
that my audio sounds excellent to other people. I am set to the
delta mod setting under audio settings. I am using a sound blaster 16
audio board in a 90 MHz Pentium with a 28.8 modem on a ppp dialup
connection. I set my audio gain using the sound blaster mixer
program and used the modulation indicators in the Sound Recorder
program that came with my Windows for Workgroups software. I just
set the gain so that my normal speaking makes the indicators move
high into the green but does not go into the red.
I have also found some things about operating with CUSEEME
over a 28.8 modem that may be of use to other people. Many of the
video senders on CUSEEME, such as NASA, send at 80 Kbytes/sec.
I find that my 28.8 Kbytes/sec receive gets way behind when
I am connected to one of these high rate senders. Also, I get
behind if there are several low rate senders that I am viewing
at the same time. If I close down all of my receive windows it
sometimes takes 10 minutes or longer before my 28.8 modem stops
receiving the packets. Apparently the packets backup somewhere
along the line. Probably the backup is at my server.
Apparently my server can get all of the 80 Kbytes/sec
and stores them for me to make sure I don't miss any of them
over my 28.8 Kbytes/sec connection.
To make sure that I get all of the audio I simply timeshare
my video receive or turn my video receive completely off. If
I close a video receive window the reflector stops sending me
packets for that window. However, if I freeze a video window
the window stops motion on my screen but, the reflector continues
to send me packets. As a suggestion to White Pine, I think it
would be much more useful to have the freeze function stop the
reflector from sending packets just like closing the window does.
That way I can still view the last frame. Infact, I would then be
able to control my receive frame rate to what the 28.8 modem can
handle. The ideal would be to have the receive software automatically
turn the reflector send off and on for me as required to not
overload my 28.8 receive. Understanding how the system works
can go a long way in maximizing the enjoyment. Also, controlling
the number of packets sent to a 28.8 link either manually or
automatically can prevent local system crashes and server crashes.
All and all I am very please with the White Pine software
Alpha release and plan to purchase the final product when it is
for sale. With the packet control mentioned in the above
paragraph, better audio and video compression, color, and
compatibility with the existing CUSEEME software, should make
the White Pine software excellent.

Have Fun,
Jim King