Re: QuickCam for Windows

Orlando Turrietta (
Sun, 5 Nov 1995 09:40:13 -0800

Doug Reinert:

I just received my QuickCam last week after having it on back order for over
a month. It seems that their were some details that had to be resolved
before it could be released for sale. What the details were I am not sure.
Anyway, I have it installed and working on Windows 3.1 DX4 486/50.

Now I am waiting for the White Pine Enhanced CuSeeMe to be fixed to work
with the QuickCam for Windows. I downloaded the software but get a function
code error when I try to install it. I am waiting for White Pine support to
let me know what to do next. I suspect it is a problem with the Alpha
software going in an infinite loop in one or more of its modules. Another
update is due in a week or so. The current version keeps me up and working
with video and unintelligible bursty audio at 28.8, for now. The receiving
video is Ok but the sending video is light gray and double image for now
without the upgrade. I expect these issue to be resolved soon as we get
closer to release of the commercial version of CuSeeMe.


Orlando Turrietta

At 09:03 AM 11/4/95 -0500, you wrote:
> I notice a few people have gotten their hands on the QuickCam for Windows.
>I've had one on backorder since September. My dealer is giving me all kinds
>of stories. The latest is that there is some kind of hardware problem, and
>Connectix has stopped shipping. Is this true ? I doubt it. Anyway, if you
>managed to get a QuickCam for Windows I would appreciate knowing where you
>found it. Thanks.
> Doug Reinert