running a reflector

Chris McCoy (
Sun, 5 Nov 95 12:40 MST

I have a question about setting up a reflector site. I ftp the sunos.tar.Z
file because the machine is running SunOS 4.1.1_U1 1 sun3 (uname output)

but when I edit the reflect.conf and put in the IP number for the machine and
execute the reflect file I get:

bash: ./reflect: cannot execute binary file

a couple of questions:
do you have to be root to run the reflector?
how do you get a list of run-time options?
does the reflector or the directory it's in need special permissions?
what port does the reflector use? is there a way to use a diff port if it
conflicts with one already in use?

thanks for any help you can lend.