[M] Quick Cam -9405 -9402 port in use

Elliot Smith (smithe@warp6.cs.misu.NoDak.edu)
Sun, 5 Nov 1995 15:36:48 +22310826 (CST)

I have a friend who can't even get their quick cam to work, let alone
cu-seeme. he says he's getting an error -9405 and -9402 (or something to
that effect) "port in use" , the quick cam is in that port, the extensions
are loaded, appletalk is off, and he gets the same problems on a Q900,
IIci, or LCIII. Any ideas?

by the way, isn't there some other place on the net where a person could
refer people for help with their quick cam setup?

-Elliot Smith