Error Msg: "Capture driver is not installed properly." (PC)

Mike Schoenborn (
Sun, 05 Nov 1995 18:26:30 -0500

What can I do to get rid of this start-up error message:

"Capture driver is not installed properly."?

Some time ago I installed a MediaVision ProMovie Spectrum card and software.
I later removed the hardware and what I thought was all of the software.
Obviously I missed something... some DLL or DRV still needs to be replaced,
or some INI file entry still needs to be scrubbed. Note that CU-SEEME runs
(receive only, obviously) just fine, it is only the error message that bothers
me, and indicates that something in the system is out of whack.

To complicate matters, and in case it affects your answer, the capture
hardware was originally installed into a WfW 3.11 system, but I'm now
dual-booting into NT 3.51 (so maybe fiddling Control Panel Drivers entries
will be different).

I've tried temporarily replacing the \system and \system32 versions of
msvideo.dll with the one supplied with CUSEEME, but it didn't help. Just for
grins I reinstalled Video for Windows 1.1 (no 'e', just '1.1') Runtime from
the Oct MSDN DevLib CD, to no avail. I've tried to find the error message
string in various DLL's to trace down the problem, but can't even do that.

What is needed to convince CU-SEEME I no longer have capture capability?


P.S. - And all you Mac types can stop your damn laughing right now!