Re: QuickCam with Windows

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 05 Nov 1995 17:58:23 -0600 writes:

>I need some help from anyone using a QuickCam and running Windows.
>I cannot tell from my local video window window if I am sending or
>not. If I connect to my own IP address I always show up as either a
>lurker (if I have started send video) or an unsending sender if I have
>started video. Is this a quirk because I am "connected" to myself or
>do I have to set something else so I can actually send. Any and all
>help would be greatly appreciated (guess you can tell I have not been
>playing around with this much).

For all new CU-SeeMe users I would suggest that you read the info at this
web page:

This is Michael Sattler's CU-SeeMe User's Guide, and although it is
Macintosh oriented, most of the information applies to the PC version also.
This might answer quite a few questions for beginners.

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