[*] Direct connect is possible.

Tom Creedon (creedont@ohsu.edu)
Sun, 05 Nov 1995 18:18:49 -0800

Yes, it is possible to direct connect to each other. No host or
reflector software need be involved. The most common way that people
do this that I know is through an ISP (internet service provider).
The ISP could be your place of work, a school or a commercial outfit.
Generally each system will need the following.

Video Camera
Sound Input
Sound Output
Hardware Connection to the ISP which could be any the following.
Software to drive whatever hardware you are going to use to connect
to the ISP.

You need to give us more detail before we can help you further.


>>> Richard Barnett <motion@deltanet.com> - 11/5/95 4:02 AM >>>
Can my mom & dad in colorado videoconference with me in california if
we each have cu-seeme software and a quickcam & microphone? Or does
one of us need to be a server? Or do we need to be associated with a
reflector site? (whatever that is). Thanks.