Mike Bailey (bailey@hawaiian.net)
Mon, 06 Nov 1995 02:02:03 -1000

Tim Dorcey:

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me on the phone last
week. I have tried direct IP connections and they work fine in spite of
the info to the contrary I got from White Pine. I don't have my 28.8
modem yet so I will wait for that and hope that my need to reboot
after being dropped by the reflector will disappear. I still have another
bug that I have managed to work around. I have a stock Performa
6200cd with a Connectix camera. When I run CU-SeeMe I get an error
message (after establishing my PPP connection) that says "unable to
find any sound input devices. Continue in audio receive-only mode?"
If I exit to the sound control panel and reselect the microphone (built
in) radio button the microphone is recognized when I try to run the
program a second time. This may be due to a conflict with Megaphone
(which is telephone software from Cypress that is bundled with this
Performa package); I am not sure. Since I only have the 14.4 modem
at this point it hasn't been a big hinderance.

The Talk Window has been a tremendous benefit. It is terrific for
conversing with foreign participants. They are quite conversant in
written English but are limited when they have to speak (especially the
Asians). The Talk Window puts them on an equal footing. Would you
please supply the PC users with this feature? Can you add a T (for
Talk) behind the Version ID provided by the IP query button? Then  I
can tell from the participant list which lurkers and hidden users have it.
Not everyone is aware that it exists as a plug in. One more feature for
my "wish list"----- Please put a grey banner behind the scrolling text
under the image. If someone is wearing a white shirt it can be very
hard to read; especially if the video is broken up with a slow modem on
a busy reflector.

Thank you so much for a great piece of software. It is going to bring
my family together like never before. My wife (who was Korean) died
5 years ago having our third child. Since that time my kids have totally
lost their conduit to their grandparents and cousins in Korea. They
cannot speak English and we cannot speak Korean so the telephone is
useless. But pictures speak a thousand words. My nephew, who is
just starting high school is learning written English. I believe that
CU-SeeMe with the Talk Window will be the link that will allow my
children (ages 9,7,&5) to reconnect with the Korean side of the family
which they have regretably lost. We plan to use the delta mod voice
to connect with their other grandparents in New Jersey --- thank you,
Thank You, THANK YOU. one and all who contributed.

By the way, I have "met" a Korean CU-SeeMe participant and his wife
on the Univ . of Hawaii reflector who is helping us get my nephew on
line. A special Mahalo to Mr Sung-Jong Kim and his wife Sun-Joo Choi
for their generous offer to help in this regard. I will let you know when
we succeed with a hook-up---hopefully before Christmas.


Michael R. Bailey Lihue, HI 808-245-1818