[*] Vid Cap Cards? FAQ/Newsgroup.... (fwd)

Andrew J Stevens (werdna@union4.su.swin.edu.au)
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 00:17:58 +1100 (EST)

Hi all,
1stly, I've been hunting around for a vid cap card. It seems I
know more about these things than the shop assistants (and I know very
little). Anyhow, I'm confused about all the types of cards out there...
I wan't one I can tune TV with, use my Sony PAL handycam with (color),
make MPEG/AVI, and of course use CU with. Anhow, I'd really appreciate
some 'in english' descriptions of the cards out there, that people are
using. If it was deemed useful, I'd be happy to compile a video cap card
FAQ type thing. That idea could get really deep, if people are willing to
provide descriptions/tricks/tips/problems and so on. I'm using a PC but
theres no reason the MAC stuff won't be usefull.

Secondly my vote for Newsgroup is NO! I have a small suggestion, perhaps
a summary type FAQ could be used when a user initially joins this list. I
have experienced this with other lists. It may cut down on newbie type
questions. As someone already mentioned, people don't read the initial
message from Cornell when they join. But if the info was basic and right
at the to it might help eg;

Welcome to CUSEEME-L by Cornell etc..


QUICKCAM for PC works only with whitepine alpha version see http...

Creative SE100 works see http...

PC Sound doesn't work unless etc etc blah blah.

Anyway, just my thoughts.

Hope to hear from you all on the cap cards, I'll compile all info that is
sent to me. At the moment Creative is the most common of cards avail
around my area, but I'd really like to do some comparisons with others.

Thanks people.. :)