Crash of CU-Seeme/QuickCam with Windows
Mon, 6 Nov 95 02:26:27 CST

I'm running the beta (Version 1.0a1.1) of the Connectix QuickCam version of
White Pine CU-SEEME on Windows 95 on a TI 486 DX2/50 laptop with 8MB of memory
(whew!). I'm getting the following crash repeatedly when I connect to the
Cornell experimental reflector:

CUSEEME caused a general protection fault
in module CUSEEME.EXE at 0002:00003090.
EAX=00000005 CS=2847 EIP=00003090 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=00020190 SS=0a7f ESP=0000b2ce EBP=0000b2e6
ECX=00000005 DS=0a7f ESI=00000000 FS=0000
EDX=00000a7f ES=0000 EDI=238f3640 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
26 8b 04 26 8b 54 02 6b 4e f6 50 03 c1 c4 76 f8
Stack dump:
090e0a7f 00043598 0c800000 00000000 0a7f3630 0a7f3636 2c28b318 35982847
13000a7f 01900006 00880a7f 0a7f0a7f fbca0088 09300a7f 13000a7f 00640006

It seems to be triggered by more than 2 or 3 participant windows. Anybody
else seeing this? Know a work around?

Otherwise ... only 1 or 2 windows ... it seems to work fine. I'm anxious
to buy the commercial version.

Thanks much.

Cheers, Scott