(M) Freeing free frag...

Frankie Chea (Frankie@cheat1.orl.mmc.com)
Tue, 7 Nov 95 08:15:55 EST

What a tongue twister! I am trying to run version 0.83b3 on my 165c with
the QuickCam and get this error after connecting to any reflector:

Freeing free frag (from write_freelist) err=0

The system then hangs and not even the dredded opt/cmd/esc will save me!
I must force a power-off with the power button.

Configuration: 165c w/14 meg Farallon Etherwave Mac OS 7.5.1

Note - I have been a long time tester of CU-SeeMe since ver. 7 and never
got this msg.

Help Please.
Name: Frankie Chea
E-mail: "Frankie Chea" <frankie@cheat1.orl.mmc.com>
Voice: 407.826.1546
FAX: 407.826.1530
Date: 11/7/95
Time: 8:15:55 AM

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