OS/2 Warp Setup

smborsen@gate.net ("smborsen@gate.net")
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 19:19:12 +0000

For OS/2 Users and Jack at mnsinc.com(your mail is down); and to
BadBear: drop me a line - I blew my address book, I have some ideas
to correct your setup.

Installation instructions for CUSEEME for OS/2 Presentation Manager..

I have set-up my PC to run CU-SeeMe from the OS/2 Presentation Manager. OS/2 users;
follow these instructions and CU-SeeMe does indeed work with the IBM DIAL UP TCPIP
provided by IBM - I am not certain about Warp Connect's TCPIP (MNTP).

1. Ensure the following is contained in your config.sys:
SET ETC=d:\tcpip\etc
SET TMP=d:\tcpip\tmp
RUN=d:\tcpip\bin\ifconfig.exe lo <===get the gravy cooking

2. !Importante! Your autoexec.bat should make *no* references to hidden winsock.dll's
found among Windoze applications (I got'em, so do you). Keep it simple:
Note: There are *no* references to LAN Work Place or other stacks.

3. Place binaries in directory D:\TCPIP\DOS\BIN\CUSEEME. I have resolv copied in there
as well.

4. After you have sucessfully logged on to your internet provider, ensure you have
entered you assigned IP address in the host file; I am assuming that PPP is being used
(SLIP users should hard code their address): SteveB

For quick access, copy EDITOR to the folder that contains CUSM and point the working
directory to :
D:\TCPIP\DOS\ETC\HOSTS and the parameters to HOSTS.

5. Start CU-SeeMe.

Uncle Steve
// Stephen M. Borsen
// Orlando, Florida
// OS/2 Warp Version 3

* Stephen M. Borsen
* Orlando, Florida
* IBM OS/2 Warp Version 3